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    • Overlapped wrinkled skirt

      1.170.00 lei

      Short white silk skirt with front pockets. The skirt is exactly the lower half of a jacket.

    • White silk trousers

      1.380.00 lei

      White wide silk trousers, with side pockets and side zipper closure. Unfinished at the bottom and with a fluid look.

    • White silk shirt

      1.620.00 lei

      White oversized silk shirt, unfinished at the bottom and with a fluid look.

    • Shirt with four sleeves

      20% 222.00 lei888.00 lei 888.00 lei

      White oversized cotton shirt with applied front pocket. At the waist, two detachable sleeves are attached with buttons, ensuring the possibility to be fitted to the body.

    • Bow tie shirt

      990.00 lei

      White oversized cotton shirt with double cuffs. At the neck, it has the outline of an embroidered bow tie.

    • Double shirt

      30% 373.50 lei871.50 lei 871.50 lei

      White oversized cotton shirt. It has an additional, unfinished layer on the front in blue cotton with white stripes, stopping at the sleeves, which gives the appearance of a vest.

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