• Long Deconstructed Jacket


      Black wool jacket with single row of buttons, oversized and lateral pockets. The jacket continues with a cut pair of trousers starting from the waist line.

    • Loose Cargo Trousers


      Loose trousers in black wool, high-waisted and lateral pockets. On the right part at the pocket level there is attached a carabiner.

    • Black Jacket in Cotton


      Jacket in black cotton, oversized with frontal pockets and slit at the back. It fastens with the help of the carabiner.

    • Loose Trousers in Cotton


      Loose trousers in black cotton, high-waisted and lateral pockets.

    • Jumpsuit with Straps

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      Jumpsuit with straps in black wool and lateral pockets.

    • Bustier


      Black wool bustier with broad straps, fastening at the back.

    • Long Coat


      Long black oversized wool coat with two rows of buttons, front pockets, slit at the back and unfinished hem.

    • Broken sweater


      Black oversized cotton sweater with irregular loops. Both the sleeve and the neck area have uneven tears.

    • Loose Trousers with Sleeves


      Loose trousers in black wool, high-waisted and lateral pockets. At the waistline it presents two detachable sleeves that can be tied.

    • Deconstructed Bustier


      Black wool bustier that fastens at the back with buttons. It shows elements from the construction of the shirt cuff.

    • Pleated Skirt


      Short pleated skirt in black wool.

    • Second Skin Jumpsuit with Straps


      Black second skin jumpsuit with thin straps. Due to the composition of the material it takes the shape of the body.

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