Beyond any ideological discourse, i believe the modern woman needs to take on the entire venue. The interiorization of the male patterns is just a temporary solution. The modern woman needs an equitable and balanced manifesto of her own femininity. The “ICHONOGRAFIC” capsule-collection is therefore an empowering manifesto.

The wardrobe of masculinity is readjusted and altered for a new speech of fragility and vulnerability. We do not need to justify our weaknesses. My mantra is that true powers are hidden in our flaws.

The masculine blazer is an iconic and mandatory wardrobe item. It embodies my “on a daily basis” clothing theory which i live by. All my these limited pieces have a profound feminine voice, thus each piece will defines a woman’s figure poetry lines. The white shirt, the ultimate symbol of the ”white collars” is just a key to a perpetual lust. The minimal dress, made of high quality fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, is an invitation to intriguing sobriety.

The collection integrates into its eight pieces, a far-reaching signature of MEDEEA’s key elements, merged with my stylistic paths, alluring mindset and enchanting elegance.

Creative director Marian Pălie
Photos Christian Tudose

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