Resilient Beauty

We’ve been together for three years. Three years of passion for fashion, design and experiences. Although we went through a difficult period, the MEDEEA brand continued to propose an avantgarde design and courageous projects. To celebrate this event, the MEDEEA team prepared a special project, in which the main actor is Rodica. ”Rodica is my aunt. I’ve always known her. She was part of my family, from the first moments of my life. She is a very, very special person who has supported me in all my endeavors. She is passionate about travel, hats, sports and fashion. The clothes I created do not have a single stylistic value. They can be an extremely valid option for a fashionable and beautiful consumer like Rodica. Age, whatever it is, is just a number. Elegance is timeless.” (Medeea Ene)

Creative director Marian Pălie
Photos Marian Pălie
Hair & Make up Mihaela Cherciu

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